Let’s have a toast for The Cleveland Show, which kicked off its second season last night with an appearance from Kanye West. As previously reported, Yeezy rehashed his role from last season as Kenny West, a struggling rapper that Cleveland mentors after learning some surprising news about his former childhood basketball adversary, in the new episode titled“Harder, Better, Faster, […]

T.I. took no time returning to the stage since his recent arrest. The rapper showed up to an Atlanta club with Nelly and took the stage.

Omarosa gave Radio One the scoop on her love life, what's she's looking for in a man, her religious influences on the show, and being in a bathing suit for the first time on national television.

Drake’s highly anticipated performance in New York was unceremoniously shut down by the New York Police Department. Sources with AllHipHop.com say the show with cancelled because of the tremendous swell of fans that came out to see the rapper.

After being released from prison T.I. talks about why he was interested in buying artillery, his album Paper Trail and his upcoming movie "Takers".

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Watch the video below for pantie throwing craziness at the 6:29 mark. “Somebody just threw some panties into my hand. That was the most ill thing I’ve ever seen in my f*cking life. I don’t know who you been f*cking or where you been but I just basically fingered you… and it’s on my hand” […]

Aw sheeeet! Break out the pasties… Despite previous reports that said Rihanna would have to tone down her normally risque concert wear, promoters recently announced she is free to take it off! read more