In all honesty, Hot Boyz was probably my favorite group coming up. Wayne still had braids. Juvie & BG were HARD!!! Turk was the problem. Over time, they superstar group went their separate ways. So it was good when I heard rumors of a reunion! Check it out!!!         […]

  As weird as this sounds, rumors have been swirling (see what I did there?) about Jamie Foxx dating actress Katie Holmes. The pair was…


Rumors are only valuable when they are denied. More

    In what has been the worse kept relationship secret and all the rumors surrounding Diddy and Cassie that have been ongoing for years, the couple have finally made it official. READ MORE VIA VLADTV.COM

Last night rumors began to spread that rapper Maino had been shot on stage while performing. Video footage began to circulate to confirm the rumor,…

Raven Symone has finally addressed the rumors circling about her sexuality.  Earlier this week, The National Enquirer dished that Raven was shacking up in a…

Sticks and stones, may break his bones, but divorce rumors are a non-issue as far as Will Smith is concerned.  The star of  Men In…

Everyone has skeletons in the closet. But some of us have cemeteries. According to Chrissy has quite a past. Could this be why Jim Jones waited so long???

Beyonce seems to have a perfect life, which is probably why so many dumb rumors about her have spread since she became famous over 10 years ago. She’s beautiful, rich and successful, and seems to be happily married and surrounded by loving and supportive family members. Bey’s good life hasn’t kept her from being the […]

Dwayne Wade has responded to a story reported this week, stating that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal told a Newsweek reporter that his former teammate Dwayne Wade was cheating on his girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union with actress Lauren London. READ MORE

Whitney Houston and Tyrese Gibson are rumored to be dating. According to Perez Hilton, the two have been quietly dating since February of this year after meeting at a party. A close source claims that Whitney made the first move, calling him up after the party to ask him out. This sounds like some news […]

Are Chris Brown and Drake beefing over Rihanna on “Marvin’s Room?” Drake has everyone and their momma covering his internet hit “Marvin’s Room,” and Chris Brown has also jumped on the wagon.  On “Marvin’s Room,” Drake calls up his ex-girl, wanting her to leave the one she is currently with for him. Chris Brown’s cover […]