Hopefully, if she chooses to get back in the ring next year, she'll be better prepared physically and mentally.

Damn 2016 took another life and that would be Ronda Rousey’s career😦. What was being built as the comeback of one of UFC’s most popular athletes turned out to be a huge dub. Yeah, I know, I know, we saw a very focused and ripped Ronda Rousey ready to redeem herself after suffering a crushing […]

That’s right, TMZ caught up with Ronda the other day and she told him, “I so much respect for you and what you are doing and your hustle, but I don’t get that much time with my family.” The paparazzi was asking her what was the latest movie she had seen. Ronda’s mom, AnnMaria De […]

TMZ ran into Ronda Rousey recently and uncovered a fact you probably didn't know about the UFC fighter - her great-grandfather was Black.

SXSW is just getting started and the first 3 days have already been too lit.   7. First things first, President Barack Obama kicked the weekend off with his keynote about the tech industry on Friday. Full video here.   6. Classic hip-hop group Public Enemy performed at the Samsung Galaxy Life Fest.   RELATED: 18 Of The Most […]

UFC fighter Holly Holms' might leave room for a Ronda Rousey comeback

Idris Elba & Robb Stark star in an action-packed trailer for their upcoming movie, "Bastille Day," and more.

Mike Tyson explained on CONAN, how Ronda Rousey can bounce back from her recent lost.  Tyson knows how it feels to be on the top of the world one moment and feel defeated after you take a lost.  If it’s any one that can give Rousey advice it’s Tyson.  Check out what he had to say below!

Debuting at the Sundance Film Festival this week, a new clip from the movie depicts an early 1989 encounter between the power couple.

Ronda made her big return to the ring - but she's fighting with a different muscle.

After rumors surfaced of Beyoncé‘s involvement in a film about Saartjie Baartman, her rep decided to clear the air. The star’s rep confirmed to Billboard that the Grammy-award winning artist will not be a part of the writing team for the upcoming Saartjie Baartman film. Her rep told the publication, “Beyonce is in no way tied to […]