Carmelo Anthony is dealing with tragedy this holiday, with the sudden passing of his sister Michelle Anthony. Michelle Anthony died of a pre-existing medical condition Tuesday in Baltimore. She had four children. The Nuggets released the following statement to news last night: “Our entire organization supports Carmelo during this difficult time for him and his […]


  Today, December 4th, marks the three year anniversary of Hip-Hop Legend and Underground King Pimp C’s death. The game’s been hurting ever since as no one has been able to keep it Trill like Pimp did. As if he predicted the future, peep some classic footage from The Pimp and as well as few […]

Today marks the 14th year anniversary of the death of rapper and Hip Hop legend, 2Pac aka Tupac Amaru Shakur. Check out our special tribute to 2Pac courtesy of Davey D's corner and!

26-year old MMA fighter, Jarrod Wyatt, ripped his 21-year old friend's still beating heart from his chest as well as his eye after ingesting a hefty dose of what appears to be mushroom tea. Apparently the blood was so immense, that the entire house was made into a crime scene.

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Today is actually Aaliyah's Bday (Jan. 16th) and in celebration of her, check out some rare video footage that hit the net of Aaliyah being interviewed by MTV. Happy Birthday "Baby Girl". She would have been 31 today.