Louisiana state district court judge Mike Erwin denied this week that he used a derogatory racial slur and referred to a Black woman visiting a bar as the N-word.

A startling on-camera confrontation shows a White man hurling racial slurs at a noted journalist.

The incident occurred as officers discussed assignments for the presidential security detail during Obama's visit to attend the Chicago Bulls' season opener in October, The Daily Beast writes.

The teens claim the act was intended to be a joke for one of the girls' boyfriends, who is Black.

Gerod Roth somehow thought it was a good idea to post a picture on his Facebook page of his coworker’s young son. Unfortunately for him, his friends thought the post was their outlet for a number of racial slurs and comments they wrote on the page. When an Detroit woman, Ife Johari, caught wind of […]

Hulk Hogan is finally speaking out about the racist remarks he made in an audio transcript that leaked in July.


A Houston police officer is apologizing for his foul language and racial slur caught on tape. That officer, who's name has not been released, was working extra security at Hush nightclub Saturday when a fight broke during a graduation party.