BET Awards 2017 was cool. Regular performances. Standard cyphers. Then Eminem came out to ETHER Donald Trump! WOW!!! It was like watching a bully catch a one sided ass whipping in slow motion. We nominate “Em” for an NAACP Award this year. That one rap did more for the advancement of colored people then every […]

Rapper Killer Mike has been an activist for quite some time. Check out how he breaks down Trumps remarks after the recent incidents in VA. I have no idea what is coming in the future for us here in America. But I hope we don’t have to hold this “L” when our kids look back […]

As a president, you should take pride in employment. Not at keeping a 29 year old QB unemployed. Seems like Donald Trump should have more pressing concerns, but “twitter fingers” is in rare form these days. Colin Kaepernick has continued to donate and support great causes, even as he is currently not on any active […]

When the king of the south takes to social media to comment on something, you know it’s serious. T.I. is not here for Steve Harvey‘s plea to hip hop artists to respect President Donald Trump. After Steve went on his radio show earlier this week and warned rappers not to be so cruel by constantly criticizing […]

You can no longer say one of the most popular first couples to lead the country. You’ve got to add “most paid presidential couple” to the list. Today the Obamas closed a record setting book deal worth $60 million. Reportedly the books should drop some time next year. You buying or nah? I will probably buy […]

TMZ reports that Uber drivers are quitting because they're pissed about the company's response to the 'Muslim ban.'

Instead of taking responsibility for the turmoil he initiated, the businessman blamed Delta Airlines.

I can’t lie to you. When Obama was leaving the traditional “letter in the dresser”, I was hoping he went “Barry” on Trump. Apparently he didn’t tho. Because Donald Trump really, REALLY liked the letter. Watch this… Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like Us On Facebook!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti

It was all good just a week ago for Demarlon C. Thomas, who was recently released from prison after former President Barack Obama commuted his sentence.


Instead of watching the orange one lift his hand to pledge allegiance to the presidency, here's 5 things Black people can do to make January 20th a little less painful.

Malia Obama sat front row wearing a brand that is less than two years old.

One of the saddest days in my lifetime. This farewell speech from Barack Obama was a sobering reminder, that this is the end of an era. Not only has POTUS been class personified, he’s not broken under the pressure of racism & un co-operation from the Republican party. And as we face the reality that […]