Help JJ decide who she should take as her date to 97.9’s Prom! 1. Should JJ go with J Mac? 2. Or Slim Thug? 3. Or Stevie J? Let us know who you think she should go with by voting on our poll below!


This woman told me that she and this guy dated for a while then broke up but decided to get back together. While they were broken up he had sex with another woman and she is pregnant! What would YOU do?

Listen to Dreezy’s new single “Body” ft. Jeremih and take our poll to let us know if you think it’s hot or not! Who Is Deezy?  Remaking a song from the hottest artist in the industry is a dicey proposition. For most emerging artists, it’s a bad move, one that keeps them on the musical […]

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West announce the name of their baby boy… Saint West! On Kim’s website & Instagram they announced their second child’s name, along with his weight of 8lbs., 1 oz. Apparently the couple hadn’t decided on their “perfect” baby name until Sunday evening. This summer rumors flew around that Kimye would name their […]

My brother tagged me in this post on Facebook. I honestly thought it was pretty deep. In this “Instagram Culture” we live in, how many women really cater to men like this? Now ladies, don’t jump on me all at once. I’m not saying the same things don’t apply to men. I believe that all […]


Caitlyn Jenner is currently under investigation for a vehicular accident that happened in Malibu. She may face manslaughter charges due to the deadly accident. If Caitlyn Jenner goes to jail for up to a year, WHICH jail do you think Caitlyn should be sent to?


Just curious to know…What sitcom family would you most want to live with?  I would choose Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! :)  

So who do you think will win the Finals?  Will it be The Warriors or The Cavaliers? Me personally I’m pulling for the Cavaliers since the Warriors knocked out our Rockets booooooooo L.O.L.. Let us know who you are rolling with by voting on our poll below!

May 2nd is quickly approaching!!! I’m a self professed boxing FANATIC!!! Last night I watched HBO’s “At Last”. It documents all the twist & turns of the biggest fight that ALMOST didn’t happen. “Mayweather Vs Pacquiao” has been the only fight real boxing fans have wanted for the last 5 years! May 2nd, the world will […]

I can appreciate a beautiful woman. “Eye Candy” is like God’s gift to men. So when Amber Rose drove the internet nuts over the weekend, I did what most men did… I double clicked to show my appreciation for the “eye candy”. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning… Why had I neglected […]

I know last year we saw some ENTERTAINING church videos. Well let me introduce you to the first two of 2015. I guess you know we live in a new time when people are recording during church. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I can’t help but watching and laughing along with the rest of […]