Let’s go back to 2007, Bill Cosby just came of his nationwide tour telling Black America to pull themselves up, pull up their baggy jeans and get themselves together. Honored poet, activist, a writer, Nikki Giovanni was at an International Book Fair that year and let the Coz have a piece of her mind. Click here […]

Tmbuktu is the coolest guy in the room. In every room. You meet him and instantly feel like you’ve known him for years; he’s the kind of guy ladies love and fellas just want to be seen hanging out with. His poetry is no different. His words voice our culture’s experience, past to present, and […]

I’ve known Ajali for some time, although I feel like we’ve just met. I’ve only seen her “Clark Kent” persona and foolishly thought she was who she appeared to be at work. Upon hearing her spit for the first time, I realized that Ajali the poet was her true persona. Ajali is a poet, more […]

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Houston has one of the strongest, yet unexposed, poetry scenes in the United States. There are many names that come to mind when people think spoken word, but very few are as prolific as Texas Poet Laureate nominee and H-Town resident Unspoken Bean. A Prairie View A&M alum, […]