Omari Hardwick

  “Ghost. Must. Die.” And with those three words viewers will be thrust back into the life of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, from Starz’s hit television series Power. The end of Season 2 was a thriller as Tommy, Kanan, and Lobos are all ready to put a bullet in Ghost’s head. There’s also the conflict of his wife, […]

"Power" star Omari Hardwick said when he was broke and homeless Denzel Washington paid off his car so it wouldn't get repossessed.

It's a good time for sexy Black men in Hollywood. And of course, for us, the women who love them.

At this point in the game, everyone has a plan that's key to their survival, even if it means double crossing allies.

The feds almost close in on Tommy, while Angela decides to use her relationship with James more to her advantage.

Tasha goes off on Ghost after he reveals that Angela is a fed, and devises a plan to keep Tommy out of jail.