The Madd Hatta Morning Show wants to know who will win the MVP Award for 2017. Will it be James Harden Or Russell Westbrook?  


If you have $4 million just lying around burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for a new place to rest your head, this might be the perfect place for you and yours.

The Curry family is off the court, in front of cameras, and in the kitchen.


MVP Steph Curry has taken the NBA by storm and is arguably one of the best players on the planet with unlimited range. Check out a few of his most electrifying plays.

Many times we hear about athletes blowing money on the CRAZIEST things. Well NBA star, (OKC Thunder PG) Russel Westbrook did the exact opposite. During the All Star Break, he won a Kia from the NBA. Thru his charity, he found a deserving mother of two & gave up his new ride. Check it out. […]

JJ Watt has had a hell of a year!!! He makes you proud to be a Houston Texan fan. Cool, humble, funny & relatable. He’s one of the few players who got a HUGE contract, and he deserves every penny!!! Congrats on being the Pro Bowl Defensive MVP of the game! Check out his interview […]

When it comes time for the NBA to hand out the NBA trophy, the acceptance speeches are notorious for bringing these big hulking players to…