New York radio DJ Mister Cee finally admitted on the air that he solicits transgender prostitutes for fellatio yesterday. Although it’s non of anyone’s…

Legendary  DJ Mister Cee from New York’s Hot 97 has finally admitted to receiving oral sex from transgender men and says that he is also addicted to strippers and prostitution. “I love women and any woman who has been with me knows I love them but occasionally I like to receive fellatio from transexual men.” […]

One of the most controversial moments in hip-hop just went done live on the radio. After being arrested for soliciting prostitutes for the third time,…

Mister Cee’s old tricks have got him back in trouble with the law. The popular Hot 97 deejay and former Notorious B.I.G. producer was recently…

It is reported that popular Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee plead guilty to lewd sexual conduct in a Manhattan courthouse this afternoon. Mister Cee was arrested April 9, 201 at 4am for “having exposed private parts in a lewd manner and committed a lewd act in public.” Mister Cee was caught having oral sex with […]

Transexual, Toni Newman is alleging that he had sex with rapper LL Cool J after LL picked him up on a prostitute strip “Tranny Row.” Toni says that LL Cool J knew that he was a man and paid him $500. Toni says he took a polygraph test to validate the allegations. Mister Cee was […]

Transgender author Toni Newman is naming names in her newly released book, ‘I Rise – The Transformation of Toni Newman’. Newman recently appeared on a radio show and claims to have been picked up on the strip and had sex with LL Cool J and claims to have had numerous encounters with Mr Cee and […]

In 2007, Wendy Williams was still an on-air personality on New York’s WBLS.  On one of her broadcasts, Wendy relayed a story about an unnamed DJ on one of WBLS’ competitor stations that had a loud encounter with a transgendered male.  Was she talking about Mister Cee?

50 Cent is stepping up to defend embattled DJ Mr. Cee after being outed for a lewd act with a suspected male prostitute. As previously reported, an arrest report was released detailing an officer finding Cee, real name Calvin Lebrun, being serviced a 20-year-old man. Read more


In the wake of reports that popular hip-hop DJ Mister Cee was arrested for public lewdness, the discussion of homosexuality in hip-hop has been given renewed light. Author Terrance Dean, who penned the book Hiding In Hip Hop: On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry From Music to Hollywood,  weighed in on the topic […]

The internet and blogs have been abuzz with the recent allegations of legendary Hip Hop producer and popular radio DJ, Mister Cee, 44-years old, who was arrested for lewd acts with a 20-year old young man. It sent a shock wave throughout the Hip Hop community. A blow that knocked everyone off their feet. So […]