Beyoncé is so talented and famous that even her social media posts cost more than some people will see in a life time. According to D’Marie Analytics, a post from the Queen on Facebook and Instagram now has the ad equivalent value of more than $1 million. Bey has proven that quality matters most over quantity […]

Powerball tickets are selling at mind-boggling pace now that the jackpot has reached over $500 million. The winning ticket for tonights drawing would dish out a whopping $327.4 million and counting if paid as a lump sum. I’ve purchased my tickets and I’m feeling pretty confident that I have this in the bag. But it […]

Birdman has always been the one to say some questionable things, but now he may cashed a check his mouth can’t cash or at least says he did? During a recent interview with Big Boy Radio, Birdman was asked many things including his superbowl bet, the invention of the word bling, and future investments for […]


Detroit News’ Tax Watchdog blog were one of the first to discover, where metro reporter Robert Snell scours public records and reports details on famous people with big tax bills. Nas has had tax troubles for some time, with the IRS filing liens in 2009 for over $3 million dollars, and in 2010 for another […]