See the "Orange Is the New Black" couple's first official wedding photo!


When President Obama came out in support of LGBTQ lives and in favor of marriage equality in a May 2012 interview, he became the first president to connect his policy to his Christian faith in a way that substantively benefitted the LGBTQ community.

Confronting the stigma that millennial artists are less inclined to marry their craft with social issues, the 2015 BET Awards stood out as not only…

Supporters of gay marriage from coast to coast were handed a dual victory Wednesday morning as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality. The high court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, while ruling it has no jurisdiction in California’s Prop 8, thus opening gay marriage in that state once again. See […]

As originally seen on Power 107.5 Meet Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole, both 27 of Africa.  They just made history as the first legal gay African wedding.  The two were wished well by friends, family and many onlookers at the traditional African wedding.In an interview at the ceremony, Mr. Modisane said the wedding […]