Mannequin Challenge

There are certain news stories that are simply too outrageous to be believed and this one definitely falls right into that category. Making the rounds in today’s ridiculous news stories is one which involves a #MannequinChallenge gone terribly wrong. A group of criminals in Alabama decided to participate in the hugely popular social media sensation […]

An armed "gang" was arrested after doing the Mannequin Challenge with guns, according to a new report and video that has been floating around on Facebook.

I knew it was only a matter of time before something went wrong with one of these challenges. In todays ignorant news, the police have arrested some “Mannequin Challenge” participants. But here’s the strange thing… We’ve seen police kill people on camera and they get no charges at all. Funny how a video allows officers to […]

Nicki Minaj really did a number on Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" single...

This is by far my FAVORITE Mannequin Challenge. It was creative as hell and it has a message that we need to continue to speak on. It painted vivid pictures of the nightmares that African Americans have been experiencing. There is still a fight going on for equal rights. And by the looks of who […]

Watch the Houston Fire Department’s Mannequin Challenge video below!

Here’s a few of the coolest Mannequin challenges!  

  Destiny’s Child is back! Well, kinda. DC3 joined in on the fun recently for the #MannequinChallenge that’s gone viral. While others are wondering where the challenge originated from, I’m tryna figure out when the group is getting back together! C’mon, ladies: Do it for the kids! (Praying hands emoji) -Amir Diamond Peep my Mannequin […]

The ladies took part in the latest viral craze, The Mannequin Challenge, wherein individuals freeze in place like mannequins.

This Mannequin Challenge is getting bigger and bigger! This is honestly the first “challenge” I’ve wanted to participate in. Check us out yesterday at Tom Peacock Nissan. The staff did a GREAT job. As far as rappers go, 2 Chainz KILLED this video!!! I love how he continues being creative in his visuals. If you […]