Today’s Trending Traxx pick by Young Jas is “Around Me” by Brent Faiyaz from his “Lost” EP. Brent Faiyaz is one of the hottest r&b artists killing the game to the beat of his own vibe. Watch Brent‘s video for who the f*ck will be around when the money and the girls go in “Around […]

Jonah Hill seems to be headed for a more serious Hollywood career.

Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for Seahawks All-Pro CB Richard Sherman. I mean think about it in a matter of seconds you go from thinking you are Super Bowl champion to being crushed by Russell Wilson’s game losing interception. The worst part about it is that it all caught on camera for the […]

Christmas came early for techies all across the great U S of A when some moron decided that it was a brilliant to take the super, top secret next generation iPhone out to a bar. He left it there. It was found by Gizmodo. Now, the iPhone isn’t that much of a secret. Good job Apple employee. […]

News‘s Andre explains his theory on why the shows “Lost” and “Heroes” hate Black people.