lil phat

Louisiana rapper Lil Phat was killed on June 7,2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. Born Melvin Vernell, Lil Phat was shot multiple times in a car that…

“Stay strapped and be careful who you sticking it to” warns Young Thugga and late member of Trill Lil Phat who recently lost his life to a tragic shooting. In this rare clip from the 2008 Ozone Awards in Houston, TX, Young Thugga and Lil Phat mention to fans the importance of condom use because […]

Last time we saw Webbie, he was beefing with BET host Terrance J. Then he  was caught on camera re enacting the incident in Wally World. You wouldn’t expect him to have a “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong Moment” at his friends (Trill Fam artist Lil Phat) funeral. This is funny but sad at […]

#RIP to Lil Phat from the Trill Fam.  Both Webbie and Lil Trill tweeted their condolences to the upcoming rapper last night.  He was shot in the parking lot of an Atlanta hospital.