50 Cent is not happy with his former lawyers and is seeking major payback.

Yesterday I just said how proud I was of Chris Brown for staying out of trouble! Then I woke up. SMH. I can’t say if he’s guilty of the allegations that have been made against him by Baylee Curran. What I will say is he seems smarter than that. He knows he has the world to […]

El Chapo's lawyers have a great reason why he shouldn't be forced to endure a U.S. trial...and that reason is Donald Trump.

In the days since Bill Cosby was formally charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania, one of his attorneys has taken over the spotlight.

Halle Berry already filed for divorce from Olivier Martinez, but in a shocking plot twist, he also filed for divorce from her.

When it was announced Chris Brown was released from prison early, his fans went crazy with excitement. While it’s great that Breezy is out of…

Looks like Pilar is not the only person that is done with Deion!  Check out why Deion’s lawyers are walking out on him!  CLICK HERE!