Following recent news of R&B sensation Miguel and his model wife Nazanin Mandi separating after 17 years together, we look back at five other power couples in the industry that shocked us all with their split.

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Why does juicy stuff like this always happen when I attend events? In a weird way, I feel like God is on my side and this is his way of giving me some good topics to talk about. LOL Don’t judge me. He knows my heart. Naw, but on the real: I like Lala, but […]

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Welcome to The After Show!  Friday, me and KG Smooth had a little chat about the recent rumors that LaLa is cheating on Carmelo with Maino and we also talked about Ciara’s interview with CBS about Future.  Check it out below!

Lala posted an Instagram video with her husband Carmelo, while she lip syncs along to the song “All Eyes On You.” It could be Lala’s way of silencing the cheating allegations. Check out the short clip from her post below: