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Follow @rachelbogle Sooo, aside from the initial shock of seeing Kim Kardashian being butt-naked LITERALLY in a magazine, there was one other question in our mind aside from “What the F?!” And that was “How in the hell did she do that whole “pour champagne in a glass that’s propped up on your a$$” trick? […]

The Kardashian family did their very best to dismantle the Internet and shakeup social media today. Khloe Kardashian got the party started by posting a…

Have you had a chance to check out Party Next Door’s visual to “Recognize”? It has a few special co stars thats had social media on fire. The co stars being Drake & “Kim K’s baby sisters”, Kendall & Kylie Jenner. Honestly I had no idea these young ladies had over 20 million Instagram followers […]

According to Eben Gregory, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Kanye West on her Instagram. In the pic Kanye was wearing a face mask just like…

The ratchedness is in excess these days, and that is not an exaggeration.  Loyalty, decency and upstanding character are becoming scarce resources while shameless thirst, indecency, and disloyal behavior is on a steady rise. These days women can gain pride and high self-esteem by associating themselves with a celebrity. We note these women as groupies; […]

I’m sure you’ve seen the original video with Kanye West and fiancé Kim Kardashian for . Sexy right? Handsome guy, hot girl- topless, hair blowin’ in the wind! Well funny guys James Franco and Seth Rogen take it upon themselves to show their bromance in a video mocking Kimye’s latest video. Seth Rogen and James […]

              If You missed #TWU with @DJJQUE listen here: 

Via: Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian Monday night during a birthday dinner at AT&T Park in San Francisco reports E! After received future mother-in-law Kris Jenner’s blessing, West proposed to Kardashian with a 15-carat diamond ring made by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Read More

    The Kardashians should copyright “Tapout”. They must have that million dollar ummm ,ummm, ummmm. Kanye has gone crazy behind Kim K. Let’s add “The Game” to the list of entertainers affected by “Kardashianisms”. Check out this video of Game getting his Kanye on. Just a little more gangster.           […]

  Kim Kardashian has strayed from the public eye since giving birth to her daughter North in June, and made sure to keep “Nori” close to her heart with a gold necklace. The reality star was photographed out in Paris with Kanye West, wearing a monogram necklace with her baby girl’s name. SOURCE: VLADTV.COM

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Via: Kim K & Kayne spent $750K on four gold plated Toilet seats!  What are you serious! Let us know what you think about this and vote on our poll below. Read More