For Hip-Hop History Month we are spotlighting some of the culture's greatest movies from “Wild Style” to “Belly,” “Breakin’ to Who Got Served,” here are some of the greatest Hipp-Hop or Hip-Hop influenced movies in the culture’s history.

Today’s Trending Traxx pick by Young Jas is “Juice” by Houston’s very own Lizzo! Lizzo‘s third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You‘ is full of soul-pop and so much DAMN confidence. You gotta love Lizzo‘s “Juice” below:

Tupac’s first starring role was in 1992’s Juice. The 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray/DVD release of Juice will be available on June 6, just in time for your annual ‘Pac celebrations.  Check out this spinet of the of the re-released Juice below!

The life of a budding actor can be a real struggle, heading to audition after audition, not knowing when your big break will come. But…


Actor Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins Busted For Buying 200 Pounds Of Marijuana It was all good just a week ago. Read more