The full trailer for the Joaquin Phoenix helmed Joker film has been revealed. Even if you’re accustomed to give DC movies the side-eye, the visuals are stunning. The Joker is seeing going about town, generally sucking at life and having to deal with the heaviness of it all. Reportedly, the film’s director went on […]

Every good universe has an iconic villain. If Marvel currently has Thanos, DC has The Joker and now the stand-alone movie based upon Batman’s greatest villain has its teaser trailer. Wednesday morning, Warner Bros. released the trailer to Todd Phillips‘ standalone film featuring Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix and made good on the director’s promise that the teaser […]

The new 'Suicide Squad' trailer is finally here, and it's everything fans have been waiting for.

The folks at Parabucks have created an awesomely hilarious stop-motion video using toys from the Batman franchise. In the video, you see Batman not only facing off against Bane, but two incarnations of the Joker. Check the video below or click here.

I caught the movie The Last Exorcism last night in Houston. and i must say that the story and plot was great and had a lot of great twist during the movie. Now i have seen alot of horror movies in my time , but i must sat that this one kept me on the […]