The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, gave his stance on the national anthem protesting in a meeting on Wednesday with the coaches and players. Jerry Jones said that he wanted to play bad guy in order to deflect the attention off of the players, ensuring them to see the bigger picture on the business side […]

Thanks to the #MannequinChallenge, everytime I hear “Black Beatles” by Rae Shremmurd, I stop and freeze. I’ve seen a lot of creative videos, but in the same token…you old folks need to leave this to the young bucks. Lol There are three people who need to give it up and sit their azzes down; The […]

Owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys was pleased when the team decision stood in unity during the national anthem.

Will be interesting to see how Jerry Jones explains this: — Complex (@ComplexMag) August 5, 2014 (DALLAS) — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones…

As most of you know I am a diehard Dallas Cowboy fan. I have been for many years. One reason is Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones. Now that he has the baddest stadium on the planet he wants to keep it filled. Last week it was record setting attendance at the NBA All-Star game (108,713). Now […]