Jazz Anderson stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show inside the Houston BMW Studios to discuss her latest project “Separation Anxiety,” her rap career, and growing up on reality TV. The daughter of Tami Roman and ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson can attest to not only dealing with the drama of reality TV and it affecting […]

I like what Jazz Anderson brings to the table when it comes to the rap game. Her punchlines and delivery is way better than a lot of dudes in this industry. As a matter fact, I think a lot of guys need to step it up now that Jazz is gaining steam. Be afraid; be […]

Jazz Anderson may be the daughter of Reality Star Tami Roman, but she has the ability to make her own mark in the entertainment world. Jazz is one of the few young rappers who still rap with punchlines. Nowadays, our generation just makes catchy dance songs. No one puts thought or effort into their craft; […]

I know from experience that it can be hard for people to detach your name from who you are related to. While I was on the radio, there was a reason why I didn’t tell anyone that my mom was Kandi Eastman (Majic 102.1) for almost an entire year. I wanted listeners to choose whether […]