Catch a cameo from The Joker, played by Jared Leto. S uicide Squad has been the talk of the town, hell the country since reviews hit the web (some scary) about DC’s latest crack at the big screen. On Monday, August 1st, stars of the film hit the black carpet for film’s premiere at the legendary Beacon Theater in NYC. The films main players Will […]

Suicide Squad hits theaters on Friday and let me be one of the first to tell you: it's not as bad as critics are saying. S uicide Squad is literally days away from hitting theaters, and we know y’all are excited for this film that puts all of DC’s worst villains on one team to try to make a difference for once in their lives. Yesterday in NYC, team SFPL was invited to a special press conference featuring the […]

Who’s still dancing all the way to the bank??? After selling 1,000,000 copies of “Views” in a week, it’s safe to say, Drake is winning. After SNL hosting duty, he had a minute to catch up with Daytime talk show favorite, Ellen Degeneres. Enjoy! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like […]

The new 'Suicide Squad' trailer is finally here, and it's everything fans have been waiting for.

Jared Leto, notorious for being selective in his roles, signed up to be the star in an upcoming movie titled "The Outsider."

Jared Leto poked fun at romance rumors between himself and Lupita Nyong’o during his acceptance speech at yesterday’s Independent Spirit awards. The best supporting actor…