The film will be directed by James and written by Andew Neel and Mike Roberts.

First it wasn’t being released on Christmas… then Sony canceled it… and now they’ve changed their minds “The Interview” starring the hilarious Seth Rogan and James Franco is hitting theaters Christmas day, despite threats allegedly made from North Korea.  After the threats and Sony’s email leaks, we weren’t sure if the move would see the […]

We know that Sony’s digital infrastructure has been systematically ravaged by a cyberterrorist hacker cell calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, all because of the…

I’m sure you’ve seen the original video with Kanye West and fiancé Kim Kardashian for . Sexy right? Handsome guy, hot girl- topless, hair blowin’ in the wind! Well funny guys James Franco and Seth Rogen take it upon themselves to show their bromance in a video mocking Kimye’s latest video. Seth Rogen and James […]