Fantasia is one of those performers who I will take of of work to go see. Everytime she’s in Houston, I make it a habit to catch her show. I haven’t been too impressed with her recent singles, but this GMA performance re-ignited a flame. Tasia’s “The Definition Of…” drops this Friday. I’m excited :-D

It threw me for a curve ball when I saw a commercial for a Daytime Talk Show hosted by 4 men. And not just 4 men… but 4 men of color! It’s rare to see that, because usually that time slot is run by women. Now, I admit…. I thought “The Preachers” on Fox was […]

Iam Justified is one of the most positive dudes on the planet! I’ve had the opportunity to call him a friend for the past few years. I can honestly say that everything he raps about in his music rings true to his everyday life. Check out his new “Steady Increasin” video and then let me […]

“To Learn To Die is to be liberated”.  Words of wisdom to live by from Bruce Lee.  Check out this motivational video from one of the greatest to ever do it, Bruce Lee.

Often times, I see freestyle sessions that don’t talk about anything with meaning. There’s only so many rhymes you can spit about how much money you got and how many girls you can pull. I think there’s a lane for sessions like the one you’re about to see that lift people up. Believe it or […]

This song has been stuck in my head for a little over a month now. Often times, I sneak into the Praise Houston radio station to do work and get a little inspiration while I’m at it. Might as well kill two birds with one stone right? Wait… maybe I shouldn’t say that since we’re […]

Forget what the critics say, Houston’s own Doeman is on his way up…and I totally agree. Doe’ just released his first single “Elevation (produced by @Trakksounds)” from the upcoming $tereotype$ project. Listen to it below and let me know if it’s hot or not. FOLLOW @DOEMANXDYNA, @TRAKKSOUNDS, @THEAMIRDIAMOND & @979THEBOX ON TWITTER & INSTAGRAM

What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond and 1 thing I know for sure is that people respect you more when you are up front and honest with them. People are generally more forgiving when you don’t lie to them. Although that’s one thing that I know to be true…it may not hold that much weight to […]

Waddup, It’s Amir Diamond and I am so grateful for artists like Lecrae! He gives the hip-hop industry exactly what it needs; a breath of fresh air! I’m challenging more artists to create music that actually has substance! Follow Houston’s own @Lecrae @WhosYourDiamond & @979TheBox on Twitter & Instagram Jam “All I Need Is You” […]

If you were to watch this music video (by Houston’s own JT) on mute, you would probably think it was the typical Hip-Hop movement…and you’d be wrong! I love the fact that if you weren’t really paying attention to the lyrics of this song, you’d think it was something to get you right in the […]