Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson gets inked up in honor of her father. The customized tattoo says “Queen of My Heart” and is uniquely in Michael Jackson’s handwriting. The caption of her Instagram picture reads, “Queen of my Heart” in his handwriting. To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the […]

Seems like Kanye West is a regular husband after all. Following a dinner date last night, Yeezy and Kim Kardashian visited Sang Bleu tattoo parlor in London.…

Tat tat tatted up! Tattoos are obviously a permanent staple in society seen on people of all ages and backgrounds. Clearly they’re not limited to rappers, rock n roll stars,  and rebellious teenagers. It’s often asked “what are they going to do when they’re older?” Well senior citizen, Isobel Varley shows that she wears hers […]

  Rihanna hit us with her “Pour It Up” video last week and we were left feelin’ some kind of way.  Some were not phased at all, some were pleasantly surprised, some were sickened, some could care less. That all came just shortly after her Twitter beef/rant with socialite Teyanna Taylor. Nonetheless, Rihanna does a […]

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via: khou.com HOUSTON—Have you ever suffered from buyer’s remorse? What if it was something that was not so easy to get rid of? A growing number of people suffering from “tattoo remorse” are turning to laser treatment to erase the ink At Medispa Institute in southwest Houston, Mai Pham treats clients from a variety of […]