"My case was I was too scared to ask for help," Tony Jones said. "I didn't know what to do until [my caseworker] sent me in the right direction."

On Tuesday night, Brandon Glenn, a homeless man originally from New York, was shot and killed after a confrontation with the L.A.P.D.

Christmas is days away. I’m always in a giving spirit. We have all given a homeless person money at least once. I’m a firm believer in “when I give it to you, it’s on you”. I give from the heart. So what you choose to do with the money I give you, is between you […]

We all know the benefits of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, which help us keep in touch with friends and family members who we may not be able to talk to daily. However, who would have ever thought that the benefits of tweeting would come this far. A homeless man living in New […]


Despite all of the hype around Ted Williams, The NY native who moved to Columbus and became a homeless man with an extraordinary gift, his life was in despair only a couple of days ago. Ted Williams gave Radio One Columbus exclusive access into his makeshift tent and just how poverty stricken his life was. […]