The Emmy-winning talk show host and Oscar-nominated actress has owned the rights to the book since 2010.

T he wait is over Game of Thrones fans, we got the answer to the number one burning question we all had after last season of our favorite show. Ever since we saw fan favorite Jon Snow take what it seemed like a dozen knives to stomach we all wanted to know if indeed his […]

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If you haven’t seen the season six premiere of Game of Thrones and won’t be able to catch it before Sunday’s new episode The Roots Black Thought provided a recap of what went down, in rhyme form of course. Real name Tariq Trotter, Black Thought is an avowed fan of the series and on last night’s […]

Her new deeply personal album talks about freedom, self-empowerment, Daddy issues and infidelity.

Beyonce was both stating facts and prophesying when she claimed, "I stop the STOP."

Hang on to your wigs - Beyonce's new video is set to drop on HBO next Saturday

Last week, HBO hosted the New York premiere of their highly anticipated film 'Confirmation,' starring Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce, and Greg Kinnear.

Anita Hill speaks on Kerry Washington's portrayal of her, Paris Jackson honors her dad Michael with new ink, and more.