New year… New eye candy for you! Meet Jilly Anais. This 21 year old actress/model is smoking hot! Born & raised in Houston Tx, don’t be surprised if this baddie pops up on your television or movie screens this year. Currently working in LA, she has some BIG things popping! Instagram – JillyAnais Followers – 548k Hobbies – Fitness, […]

New year… New eye candy for you! Meet Brittany Campbelle. Had to start the new year off right! If you want to submit a “Hotty”, tag me on Instagram. Add the hashtags #HardbodyHotty #RadioBoss Instagram – BriitCampbelle Followers – 186k Hobbies – Fitness & Fashion Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow […]

Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Brittanya. She has over 1.4 million followers. And after searching her page, I see why. Red hair with a killer smile & hella ink, she’s definitely some “A+” eye candy! Enjoy!!! [photos courtesy of Instagram] Instagram: Brittanya187 (Followers 1.4 million+) To become a “Hardbody Hotty”, tag us […]

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Kiara Joy! I have to thank @JuicyPinkFit for the assist. While scrolling down her page to post pics, she had tagged Kiara. I’ve heard pretty women hang together! I think that’s the best compliment! When people aren’t insecure around other people who look good! Check out Kiara’s page. […]

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Dena! I was just scrolling the “most popular” timeline & her pic popped out. According to her IG, she’s a trainer! I believe it. Be sure you follow her page & show her some love. She has one of those “Let me put this snack down & hit […]

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Emily Sears! I think she’s beautiful!!! S/o Dominique Chin for the assist. Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little white chocolate!! Enjoy!!! Instagram: EmilySears (Followers 556k+)   Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti To be a Hardbody […]

Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Terra. I love to see a woman who knows how to dress!!! Fashion sense is a lost art these days. Some women think “less” is “more”. Terra’s page is stylish, fashionable, & very nice looking. My homey @asoulja4jesus gets the assist of the day!!! Enjoy!!! Instagram: Team_Terra […]

Very special Birthday shout out to Lira Mercer. She’s been my Hardbody Hotty before, but I had to show her some birthday love. It sounds creepy, but she’s one of those young ladies you wait for. (Don’t act like I’m the only one who’s thought that before.) She’s that pretty in real life. We’ve been […]

Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Ronique. I have got to be completely honest. Women don’t usually look how they look on Instagram. Sorry ladies. The “filter force” is strong. LOL. Last week I meet this lovely young lady & I was pleasantly surprised. She actually looks better in real life!!! You can […]

Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Lais. This young lady has a BANGING body!!! It’s 0% ratchet too. You can tell she cares about her image as well. Warning!!! Her page will motivate you to get in the gym & give 110%. Enjoy!!! \ Instagram: LaisDeleon (Followers 421k+) Follow Us On Instagram + […]

Check out my Hardbody Hotty of the day, Tammy Rivera. You may have watched her on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”. I must give my homey Waka a standing ovation, & a “You The MVP”. I like how Tammy isn’t ratchet on her IG page. She’s a good representative of her man… Ladies take notes. […]