Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Emily Sears! I think she’s beautiful!!! S/o Dominique Chin for the assist. Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little white chocolate!! Enjoy!!! Instagram: EmilySears (Followers 556k+)   Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti To be a Hardbody […]

Very special Birthday shout out to Lira Mercer. She’s been my Hardbody Hotty before, but I had to show her some birthday love. It sounds creepy, but she’s one of those young ladies you wait for. (Don’t act like I’m the only one who’s thought that before.) She’s that pretty in real life. We’ve been […]

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Kimmy Maxx. I was amazed by her page. I couldn’t find one bad picture. Even her friends she takes pictures with are fine!!! That must be a great problem to have! Enjoy!!! Instagram: KimmyMaxx (65k+ Followers) Twitter: KimmyMaxx (15k+ Followers) Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / […]

Check out my “Hardbody Hotty” of the day, Melissia! I heard the news about the Mayweather vs Alvarez fight last night!!! And since I’m #MoneyTeam, why not post Mayweathers BM. *sidenote* Money Matweather has excellent taste. And she looks sort of like my co worker @jjonthemic. (Go look). ENJOY!!! (photos taken off Instagram) Instagram: MizzMelissia […]

Check out my “Hardbody Hotty” of the day, Just Brittany. I’ve known her since she was a young lady, but her IG page is definitely “GROWN WOMAN” status. Yes Lawd! Enjoy! (photos taken off Instagram) Instagram: QueenJustBrittany (Followers 68k+) Twitter: ItsJustBrittany (Followers 39.3k+) Check Out “Southside” 2K13 Follow Us On Twitter!!! @979TheBox @Kiotti Follow Us […]

Check out my “Hardbody Hotty” of the day, Ciara. After that “Body Party” video, I was looking for my VIP pass. Who has Future number??? (photos taken off Instagram) Instagram: Ciara -Followers (1,088,742) Twitter: Ciara -Followers ( 3,855,571) And here is the video that started my “thirst”… “Body Party”. Follow Us On Twitter! @979TheBox @Kiotti […]