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Alani Rocks: #52WeeksOfPositivity – The Word Of The Day Is GREAT!  


5 THINGS *FAILING* LEADERS DO –Discount others’ emotions and perspective Failing leaders just don’t pick up on or value other people’s signals. Or, if they do, they don’t care, all demonstrating a fundamental lack of empathy. This emotional intelligence skill relates directly to social awareness. One cannot be a good leader without empathy, period. If […]


5 THINGS *GREAT* LEADERS DO –Read/understand own emotions and recognize the impact on self and others It all begins with the amount of emotional self-awareness you demonstrate, which others around you use as a cue. By developing an accurate view of, and aptly managing, your own emotional responses to situations—and the ways in which you […]

DJ, H-Town

I’ve been thinking a lot about posse’s lately. Why do athletes, rappers, rock stars and sometimes politicians and pundits feel the need to travel in such large groups?