British Jeweller Steve Bennett has built the first prototype tracking engagement ring.  CEO and founder Gemporia said the purpose of the ring is for theft and loss protection. According to the piece of Jewelry will be marked by Gemporia as their ‘Fidelity Ring‘. When asked where did Gemporia come up with the dad for […]

In a world where we depend on GPS, this is pretty scary. A 70-year-old woman was murdered in Brazil after following directions from the Waze app, which took her to the wrong destination, CNN reports. Regina Murmura was traveling with her husband, Francisco, when the couple mistakenly drove into a slum area while trying to reach a popular tourist spot […]

Mercedes rolled out its F 015 Luxury in Motion vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s a “self-driving” or autonomous driving car that is the epitome of elegance of and technology. Equipped with with four rotating lounge chairs that allow a face-to-face seat configuration so you and your guest can enjoy […]

WOTS... the west coast rapper will be lending his voice to TomTom... yup! the navigation system!!! According to KN sources... the rapper will be lending his voice as a new "VoiceSkin" for the device. Along w/ that Snoop will be providing some of his west coast slang