Stacey Dash has found herself in hot water again with the court of public opinion. The actress (and social media troll) spoke out in favor of the North Carolina and Mississippi bathroom laws that require transgender people to use the bathroom that aligns with the sex on their birth certificate. Aside from slamming Caitlyn Jenner […]

Jussie Smollett has become one of the biggest stars of FOX’s hit show Empire. Fans of his character Jamal Lyon might be devastated after last night’s episode. After the season’s biggest cliff hanger, Jussie tweeted this from his personal Twitter account:   Does this mean Jamal Lyon will no longer be on Empire??? View the […]

Larry Wilmore kept his speech all the way real, saluting the POTUS with, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”

T he Lyon’s aka “the first family of music’ are also one of the messiest families in television history. Episode 15 of Empire only magnified that with the constant dissension among the ranks and backstabbing that this family will never be on the same page. Hakeem is having the worst week ever, he’s no longer […]

All eyes are going to be on Vanessa Hudgens tonight at 6PM for FOX’s “Grease: LIVE.” Last night, she received news that her dad passed away after his battle with Stage 4 Cancer. I’ve been in over 30 productions so I know from experience that you grow close to the cast/crew. I’m sure everyone in […]

Although, I love theater and musicals… I’m not that big of a fan when it comes to “Grease.” I will be watching Fox’s live remake though, because they have included a multi-racial cast. I hate when I see plays that don’t have any ounce of color in them, so that’s the main thing that upset […]


According to Pepsi, Beyoncé will join Coldplay on stage to sing a rendition of their new song "Hymn for the Weekend.”

Everything Keke Palmer touches turns to gold diamonds! This girl is uber talented. She sings, dances, acts and does all three well! She’ll be performing in GREASE LIVE on FOX January 31st. And as if that’s not enough, she’ll also be on 106 & Party THIS THURSDAY at 10PM Central. Take a look at her […]

I’m a huge fan of theater and musicals. I’ve been in over 30 productions and have starred in plays like Romeo & Juliet, The Wiz & The Diviners. I’ve also had my fair share of rejections; like when I was cast as the Seymour Krelburn understudy in Little Shop Of Horrors. Yeah, I’ve got stories. […]

The Spice Girls may be fulfilling our wishes once and for all.