After breaking his very own record and winning $300 million over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather could easily hang up his boxing gloves and never fight again — and according to his son, that’s actually the champ’s plan. TMZ spoke to Mayweather’s son Koraun just days after the big match against Connor McGregor and Koraun made […]

Life has been good for the Champ, Flyod “Money” Mayweather! Check out Flyod showing off the fruits of his hard labor via his instagram page. Instagram straight flexing Wooooooooah!

You gotta be one bad muth**** ( shut yo mouth) to beat Tigers Woods in the money department, all while sitting in jail! For the fist time since 2004 Tiger Woods is no longer the highest paid athlete according to Sports Illustrated annual report. Mayweather has been busy selling FREE MAYWEATHER shirts from his personal website while […]