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Amidst all of the anticipation and excitement that the World Cup brings to fans, things are about to get awkward between FIFA and Beats Electronics. Just a week after Beats by Dre released a five-minute commercial showcasing international soccer players preparing for match ups while listening to music through their Beats headphones, FIFA decided to […]

The World Cup was the reason behind the death of a 25 year old Chinese man. The 25-year-old man from eastern Chinese city of Suzhou was found dead in his room on Saturday morning in front of his TV set, which was still airing a football match, Xinhua news reports. It is believed that the […]

The 2014 World Cup is in Brazil this year and as it gets closer the excitement is starting to build up for soccer fans all over. As a guy who played soccer as a kid, I can’t help but to buy into the hype and excitement too; and this year the United States has a […]


Four years of anticipation could boil down to just 90 minutes on Saturday as the United States takes on England in the teams’ vital opening World Cup match. The much-anticipated showdown will come down to a series of mini-battles all over the field as the Americans look for ways to stifle England’s imposing lineup of stars.