Instead of updating your LinkedIn profile, you could just have Beyoncé use your work during her World Tour. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone In the great state of Texas at Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour, YouTuber “Evelyn From the Internets” was more than shocked to find out her Lemonade review video made it […]

Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives is 6 months pregnant!  Photos surfaced yesterday of her and her daughter in Hawaii.    Her ex-husband Chad Johnson is not the father… but who is?! Rumors say that the father is a guy she has been dating for the past year and they planned the pregnancy.  Regardless of who the […]

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  Yikes! According to TMZ, a warrant for Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco’s arrest has been issued in Broward County, FL, stemming from the incident…

via: Last night, we caught reality star Evelyn Lozada channeling her inner Kim Kardashian, as she dressed as ‘Ariel’ the mermaid. See More

  If you missed the reunion episode of Basketball Wives last night then here ya go!!! Poor Jennifer seemed like she was on trial!!! Check out the videos below of the most memorable moments! – Not everyone goes to church on Easter Sunday, some folks enjoy the many visual pleasures at the strip club. Evelyn Lozada is one of those people! Ochocinco’s soon-to-be wife was photo’d dropping some cash on a tatted stripper as she spiraled down the pole. Ev allegedly spent a grand at the night club […]

Should Evelyn and Jennifer Makeup and Be Friends Again?

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and “Basketball Wives” cast member Evelyn Lozada appear on the latest issue of Urban Ink magazine and talk about their new reality show. Evelyn explained how she would do things differently from “Basketball Wives” on a show with Ochocinco and stated: Where To Find Evelyn & Ochocinco Relaxing […]

One of our new guilty pleasures is reality show “Basketball Wives.”  Evelyn and Jennifer recently sat down with to dish the dirt on their baller husband/boyfriends and why they stay with men who cheat.