Eskabel is giving life lessons with this “No Friends” song. Often times, people get thangs confused in this industry. Be careful who you trust. Check out Eskabel’s new video (directed by Mr. Boomtown) below. This record is lowkey one of my theme songs.

There was a time that I wish I had a bunch of friends. Boy, was I young and dumb lol As I’ve grown, I’ve noticed that a good friend is hard to come by. Generally, people do not have your best interest at heart. I agree with a lot of the things Eskabel is talking […]

  Waddup, it’s Amir Diamond and this new music video MOVIE by Eskabel is straight heat; It’s everything I would wanna see in a motion picture: explosions, cars driving at high speeds and bad guys dressed in all black. Check out this exclusive 97.9 The Box World Movie Premiere for “Either Way” by some of Houston’s […]

  Man, hol up! It’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond) and The Black Shark (aka Eskabel) just might have the new anthem for anyone who hustles hard as hell but gets hated on for it. Despite adversity and jealousy…we still gettin’ paper Either Way!! >:O Jam @Eskabel’s new song feat. @BeatKingKong & Kadafi (produced by @DJCHOSE) and […]