When a girl is on the go, she needs all the extra compartments she can get! A hands-free look is always in style. Whether you need to put your cell phone, keys or that perfect shade of lipstick, here are 9 dresses with pockets that will come to your rescue!

Jaden Smith wore his latest dress to his latest prom. Attention, fashion statement, or something else?

Yes, that picture you saw of celebrity offspring Jaden Smith rocking a girl’s dress is real! The 16-year-old rapper and actor was definitely making some commentary…

Watch this funny vid prank as a man and two sexy girls fool a number of people around them. Ha ha! The girls pose in various prank scenes for a normal picture and the guy casually walks by them and sneezes hard enough that their dresses blow off. The funniest bystanders was two guys and […]

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. What do you have planned for your sexy night? Whatever your personal style, one thing is certain: this is one…

Denim is the summer staple. Almost anything can be made from the jean fabric: short-shorts, cut-off vests, jackets, bags and more. But what we really love are the dresses. They’re youthful, lightweight and easy to accessorize. So enjoy our top 13 picks of denim and chambray-made frocks for under $50. Top 3 Swimsuit Trends Of […]

Spring is definitely on it’s way, and we are all itching to replace our heavy winter layers with cute summer dresses- and not have to worry about the jacket, scarf, mittens and hat to go with it. But until the weather heats up that much, sleeved dresses are the perfect transitional item from Winter to […]

When we think “holiday outfit,” we think sparkle, decoration, and shine, so expect to see a lot of glitter, ruffles and velvet this season. Here are 10 perfect dresses to wear to your Christmas dinner and after-party. They’re not too fancy, but they show you’re in the holiday spirit. 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Best […]

Slouchy shirt-dresses and snug-enough sweater versions are all the rage for the season of Fall. Here are 8 options for under $100. Make sure to layer-up with chunky cardigans, thin belts, patterned scarves, and cropped vests! Plus-Size Show Debuts At NY Fashion Week For First Time Ever [PHOTOS] 10 Sexy One-Shoulder Dresses For Under $100

Topshop is a British-based chain of clothing stores, but luckily for us New Yorkers, they brought their only U.S. flagship to our city a couple of months ago. But even if you’re not in the Big Apple, they’ve got an amazing website that offers more than enough of their in-store items. And – just in […]

Two words for why the one-shoulder dress trend is still going strong: they're hot!