If you’re gonna cover songs from one of the greatest girl groups of all time, it better be good! I’m not even apart of Fifth Harmony, and I’m hella embarrassed. Their rendition of Destiny’s Child songs was like a Kids Bop infomercial. I watched the entirety of their performance, thinking that it would get better. […]


President Obama made history on Wednesday by issuing the largest amount of commutations the nation has ever seen in a single day. He commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates, many of whom were behind bars for low-level drug offenses. President Obama used these commutations as an avenue to directly combat lengthy minimum sentences. Some […]

The former Destiny's Child member and Single Ladies actress split from Rob Hillman after just two months of wedded bliss.

Kelly Rowland’s girl group could really be the next Destiny’s Child. I’ve heard three songs from them and they all jammed hard. The name of their new single is “L.A.N.C.E.” and it’s creative as hell. June’s Diary (the girl’s of BET’s Chasing Destiny) are about to take the world by storm. Jam their song below […]

If you ever mess with one of the gals from Kelly Rowland’s new group, you might wanna think twice. If you break their heart, then there’s A LOT you’re gonna have to deal with… LITERALLY. Check out their new song “All Of Us” and you’ll understand what I’m talmbout. Whoever came up with the concept […]

This woman can’t stay out the pen. Former Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin, was arrested again, but this time it wasn’t for disorderly conduct. Farrah was busted for hitting the bottle a little too hard. Georgia’s Dekalb County Police Department arrested the 35-year-old singer for public intoxication, citing “odor of booze” and “slurred speech.” TMZ reports: “According to cops […]

It’s not Throwback Thursday yet, but after the 2016 Billboard Awards everyone is talking about Rihanna and tribute performances. What better than this throwback video of Rihanna performing in a Destiny’s Child tribute. Besides how much you will LOL, it just goes to show how growth is real because since then Rihanna has become the best selling […]

There's no doubt that Beyonce has perfected the art of performing, down to every high note and choreographed step. But even the Queen falls short of grace sometimes.

I think I’m one of the few people who understand Wendy Williams. She either says the things we’re all thinking or she’s just making jokes. I do admit that she can be a tad bit rude at times and has no regard for her mouth but I’m glad she went easy on my babies (Destiny’s […]

Kelly Rowland has been a household name for almost two decades, ever since she stole our hearts as the young short-haired beauty in the '90s mega group Destiny's Child.

#PoorMichelle. She just can’t catch a break. LOL I love her, but it’s always funny to see yall’s dumb comments about how Michelle Williams supposedly brought nothing to Destiny’s Child. She’s a sweet and positive, god-fearing woman. And on top of that… she can actually sing! (Starts whispering) And that’s more than I can say about […]

Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland, has had a “superwoman” year.  She’s had a starring part on the popular Fox TV show, Empire. She’s also been a busy as a wife and mother of one year old, Titan. She’s on the hunt for the next big girl group with a new BET series “Chasing Destiny.” “It’s […]