dating rumors Exclusive: Nick Cannon stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show while he was in town.  He addressed the dating rumors about Chilli and Amber Rose that have been floating around.  Cannon also talked about the the importance of staying healthy and how he keeps a good relationship with his kids and ex wife Mariah […]

Robyn and Aubrey have all the makings of a perfect relationship.

If there were any doubts as to whether or not Rihanna and Travis Scott have more between them than just a common love for music,…

Last week Deelishis and Wiz Khalifa had the cyber world going crazy when they posted pictures of themselves hugging each other backstage at one of his concerts. Now though it may have all been innocent, Deelishis caught quite a lot of backlash from the public accusing her of messing with a married man. So of course Bijou […]