Three-time Olympic gold medal gymnast has signed on to be the first Change Ambassador for Hack Harassment.

Danita Michaux's 12-year-old son was sent topless photos by his girlfriend. When the pair broke up, Danita began harassing the girl by posting the pics online.

The New York Post reports an arrest warrant was handed down for Danita Michaux's cyberbullying incident that began in 2014. In 2012, Michaux's son was dating a 12-year-old girl when she sent him a naked photo of herself from the waist up. They were the same age. After the couple broke up in 2014, the child's mother posted the nude photo on Facebook and made comments about the girl's sexuality.

In a story you’ll hear only on NEWS 92 FM, a 16-year old girl is suing to stop vicious cyberbullying in a southeast Texas high school.…