Cupid is one of the few dudes in the entertainment who still makes feel good music. I really like what this guy is bringing to the industry. Cupid makes songs that brings the entire family together. Watch his new video “Soul Train Line” and then vote to let me know whether you think the song […]

I was in shock when I saw how close a bull was to getting a hold of Cupid at this years BPCCA Rodeo. Cupid makes nothing but family-friendly music and is all about love. I’m so glad that he managed to escape safely. I’m wishing you much more success, big homie! I’m glad you’re alright. […]

I think every person’s worst nightmare is to end up on TMZ. It looked like my mom saw a ghost when I told her that she was on the popular celebrity gossip site. For a split second, I could see the panic on Ms. Kandi Eastman’s face as she wondered which of her secrets were […]

Cupid’s music brings families together so I’m sure he never imagined that he would be the topic of conversation over at TMZ. Over the weekend, he got chased by a bull while he was performing at the Rodeo. I applaud him for finishing his obligation to perform, because i would’ve thrown in the towel after […]

I applaud Cupid for continuing to perform after this incident happened over the weekend. I would have been so shaken up after this that I would have wanted to throw in the towel. A bull is about 2,000 pounds and ain’t the type of animal you wanna play around with. Watch the video below to […]