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I can’t lie to you…they had to drag me off the boat!!! LOL!! I didn’t want to leave! What an amazing vacation! This was my first cruise ever and my very first REAL vacation with my daughter! I decided earlier this year that I wanted to take a cruise.   So after searching for a […]


(GALVESTON, TX) — People aboard cruise ships who buy alcohol and tobacco being advertised as duty-free are apparently not getting what’s being advertised. Mark Hower…


  Almost 2 months ago I was suppose to be on this ship with some friends. Fortunatly for me I canceled my vacation but my friends still went and were stranded at sea for more than 5 days. Well the ship was being repaired from that engine room fire and was expected to be back […]

  After a lot of confusion, speculation and hear say, radio jock Tom Joyner admitted that rapper Foxy Brown was not removed from his Fantastic Voyage cruise for acting disorderly. READ MORE

Make sure you LIKE this video above! Check  out a day of snorkeling with me and the fam during my 4 day Carnival Cruise! Watch us under the water, checking out the fish and sharks! Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhh!!!!!!