When news broke back in 2012 that Whitney Houston had died due to a drug overdose, many people speculated that it was Bobby Brown who introduced her to narcotics. Since the star’s untimely death, it has been revealed that her brother Michael Houston was the one who introduced her to drugs. But sources say that it was her other […]

Davis reads a tearjerking letter he wrote to the legendary singer after her shocking 2001 Michael Jackson anniversary concert appearance.

A 59-year-old Florida man named Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested at a gentlemen’s club this past Wednesday. Arguelles brought his underage daughter to the adult club…

Photo (JonnyBones – Instagram) I hate hearing stories like this. After coming off his 8th title defense, Jon “Bones” Jones checked into drug rehab today. When he won his Light Heavyweight Championship, he was the youngest champion in UFC history. I’m more of a boxing fan, but I respect greatness. And I believe Jon Jones […]

Whoa…wait…what?! According to TMZ, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Stevie J was in court in Manhattan to surrender on charges of back child support of more than a million…

A New Jersey man was busted for riding a tricycle naked through an apartment complex after getting high on cocaine, police said. Source:HipHopWired.com

Annadel Cruz and Alexander Bernstein spent a month in jail because police believed that two packages of soap were cocaine. They were pulled over for going 5 miles above the speed limit.  The cop said he smelled marijuana and the woman admitted to smoking earlier and having some in her bra.  The cop then searched […]

Struggle drug dealers need struggle mules to move their product from point A to point B. Case in point, the woman who was busted trying to smuggle cocaine via a “diaper” she was wearing made of duct tape was just sentenced to two years in the bing. Source:HipHopWired.com

Republican Rep. Trey Radel, newly elected to office last November, is taking a page out of disgraced Canada mayor Rob Ford’s coke buying book. The junior congressman from Florida pleaded guilty today (Nov. 20) in court after he was busted buying powder in Washington last month. Source:HipHopWired

A Papa John’s deliveryman from Brooklyn, New York was recently arrested after getting caught selling large amounts of cocaine while delivering pizzas. 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez…

A routine attempt to subdue a patient in a psychiatric ward quickly went downhill when the staff allegedly found bags of cocaine tucked between his buttocks. When workers grabbed hold of him and gave him a shot of drugs to relax him in his butt, the bags began falling… but, how many did they eventually […]