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  Le sigh. Walking is hard, mmmk? Or at least, this is what NBA superstar turned commentator Shaquille O’Neal discovered earlier tonight when he slipped,…

That moment when you’re trying to be a big boy… and you mistake Dad’s clippers for a comb. This adorable little boy did just that, and his mom caught it all on video.  Check it out the video below!  I guess he won’t need that comb for awhile :-) @DJBRyte

Mystery trouble-maker and alleged gold-digger V. Stiviano is being cited as the devil in the food cake! Okay, no not really, but she is being referenced as the woman who leaked the racist convos with her man-grandpa-lover and Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I thought it best I not join the league of people ready to point […]


So if has to Donald Sterling has sell The Clippers who do you think would make a better owner.  Majic Johnson or Diddy.  Let us know by voting on our poll below!

Everyone is outraged by Donald Sterling’s racist rant, including President Barack Obama. The POTUS shared his thoughts on the newly-released audio tape during press conference…


In case you didn’t see it last night, Los Angeles Clipper Forward Blake Griffin brought the thunder to Oklahoma’s Kendrick Perkins. *Warning* This is not for the faint of heart….


Once upon a time, the Lakers was the only NBA basketball team in Los Angeles that people really cared about, but the Clippers have changed that. Both games have great attendance with plenty of celebrities cheering on the respective teams at the Staples Center. L.A. Clipper Blake Griffin Slam Dunks Cover Of “Men’s Health” [PHOTOS] […]