One of our new guilty pleasures is reality show “Basketball Wives.”  Evelyn and Jennifer recently sat down with to dish the dirt on their baller husband/boyfriends and why they stay with men who cheat.

Via by Nakia Cooper / Have you ever heard the phrase cheating is good to save your marriage? Well many have not, but one Houston man is saying exactly that. A controversial, new book filled with the confessions of many adulterers touches on this taboo topic that is sparking a debate among couples. […]

Reports out of Washington, DC:  PRESIDENT OBAMA in a shocking cheating scandal after being caught in a Washington, D.C. Hotel with a former campaign aide. A confidential investigation has learned that Obama first became close to gorgeous 35 year-old VERA BAKER in 2004 when she worked tirelessly to get him elected to the US Senate, raising […]

I’m getting really tired of these men and their cheating ways.  The latest name added to the rumor mill of having a jumpoff is one of my faves Lebron James. I recently came across this tidbit on and let’s just say I hope it’s not true: My soror claims she is creepin with LeBron. […]

I really hope this is just a bad rumor.  If you watched “Basketball Wives” last night, then you got to meet groupie “Plastic Surgery”.  No explanation  needed!!!  But back to the Boris. Apparently rumor on the street is that this same chicks has been linked to Boris.

Now that he’s a single man, Reggie Bush is really making the rounds with EVERY woman who comes in his path.  Apparently Kanye’s girl Amber Rose has been spotted a few times at Reggie’s new bachelor pad.

Looks like we have another cheater exposed. reported that King filed for divorce yesterday from his wife Shawn Southwick, 50. Larry blames the split on “irreconcilable differences.” The couple married way back in 1997. They have two sons together. Larry’s soon to be ex-wife Shawn also filed for divorce, according to Her attorney, […]

Remember Fancy from the Jamie Foxx show? Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon found out her hubby of 9 years has been cheating for the past 5 years so she put him on blast in an email to all his coworkers. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!! Source

Another day, another cheating husband!!! Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon chose the public route to go in on her cheating husband. According to the NY Post, Garcelle recently found out her husband of almost 9 years has been having a 5 year affair.

The stars came out on Saturday night for Perez Hilton’s carnival-themed birthday bash at LA’s Paramount Studios, where RadarOnline got the scoop on what other A-listers would do if they were in Sandra Bullock’s position – after all, it was just revealed that her hubby had been cheating on her with not one, not two, […]

On the brink of her new album release (this Tuesday), R&B singer is estimated to sell between 190,000-200,000 in it’s first week, according to the folks over at! If so, Monica would have the biggest selling week since Alicia Keys’ Element of Freedom. This would be great for the “Everything to Me” singer who […]

I recently told you about Reggie Bush and Kim K calling it quits.  Well have you seen the girl he supposedly cheated on Kim with??? I mean c’mon Reggie???