Ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury is a prime example of how not to conduct an extramarital affair. Marbury is currently being sued by his former mistress…

As soon as two celebrities are seen together, they are automatically linked romantically. The latest case of that is reality star Khloe Kardashian and rapper…

Via Bossip.com Child star turned grown and saaaxy Hollyweird actress Jurnee Smollett is back on the big screen after a six year hiatus with a starring role in Tyler Perry’s latest film ‘Temptation.’ The real-life wifey, who plays a happily married Mrs. tempted to get her sideline swerve on in the film, recently sat down […]


Have you ever check your boyfriend or girlfriends phone to see who they are talking to or texting?  Take the Poll!!!

9 ways to tell if he is less than faithful

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If Kim Kardashian thinks her ex will go quietly in the night, she might want to think again.  According to TMZ,  Kris Humphries believes Kimmy…

@jjonthemic speaks with Dr. Del Rosario about the 10 signs that your spouse is cheating! This is a MUST listen!!!


What do you think?  Once a cheater, always a cheater?  Can a person actually change there ways when it comes to cheating or do you think they will always be the same!  

Jason Laperriere took a woman home, not his girlfriend.  He then had the lady text his girlfriend that he’d been forced into a car at gunpoint over a $12,000 drug debt. The girlfriend called cops, and Laperriere eventually turned up and also gave a statement to police, including two names, which triggered a Canada-wide warning […]

“Find My Friends”, a popular app on the new iOS5 for the iPhone 4S, may have to add a “find me a lawyer” feature. The way it works is that it allows your friends to see where you are, and if they are in the area you can all meet up. It is an optional […]


Dwayne Wade has responded to a story reported this week, stating that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal told a Newsweek reporter that his former teammate Dwayne Wade was cheating on his girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union with actress Lauren London. READ MORE