I thought June’s Diary fell off of the face of the earth, but they’re still making moves! It’s way better this way; slow and steady wins the race. Every thing they put out has been of high quality. But then again, why wouldn’t it be? Kelly Rowland’s name is on the line. I know she […]

The lovely ladies of BET’s Chasing Destiny have finally announced their name … *insert drum roll here* as June’s Diary! Yeah, we are not that clear on it yet either, but we’ll circle back on that later. Kelly Rowland’s hand picked band of vocals and beauty are; Kristal Lyndriette, Ashly Williams, Shyann Roberts, Brienna DeVlugt and […]

Kelly Rowland’s girl group could really be the next Destiny’s Child. I’ve heard three songs from them and they all jammed hard. The name of their new single is “L.A.N.C.E.” and it’s creative as hell. June’s Diary (the girl’s of BET’s Chasing Destiny) are about to take the world by storm. Jam their song below […]

If you ever mess with one of the gals from Kelly Rowland’s new group, you might wanna think twice. If you break their heart, then there’s A LOT you’re gonna have to deal with… LITERALLY. Check out their new song “All Of Us” and you’ll understand what I’m talmbout. Whoever came up with the concept […]

Grammy award winning singer Kelly Rowland is a mogul in the making with her new reality show, a book deal and a new makeup line geared towards 'chocolate girls'.

A couple of weeks ago Mathew Knowles said that Blushhh Music was the next Destiny’s Child; IDK about that, partner. Blushhh Music is extremely talented, but that title adds pressure to touch a bar that’s hard to reach. Kelly Rowland is probably not looking for “the next” anything…but if there’s anyone who knows what it […]

In the new clip for BET's upcoming series "Chasing Destiny" Kelly Rowland is trying to build a girl group that can rival the success of her legendary trio, Destiny’s Child.