Justin Bieber‘s much anticipated new album, Changes drops on Valentine’s Day and after his “Yummy” single, Bieber returns to a more Journals like approach for the album’s second single, “Get Me.” Featuring Kehlani, the song is mainly about the chemistry between two lovers. “See, you lookin’ beyond the surface / Can tell by the questions you’re asking / You […]

With all the craziness that is going on in the world we just need time to set back and reflect on certain situations to see how we can change it and change ourselves.  Check out one of my favorite songs to listen to when I riding threw Conroe.  It’s no other than my favorite rapper Tupac’s […]

Who else likes a good McMuffin? It appears that McDonald’s making some changes to a few of their restaurant’s food items. Don’t worry, they’ve decided to make the changes for the best… First of all, they’re getting rid of margarine and swapping it for real butter on their McMuffins, biscuits and bagels. That’s just the […]

Another year approaches, many people look forward to new beginnings. Most even make New Year’s resolutions or annual promises for self improvement. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to achieve for those who make annual promises and do not have strategies in place to implement them. I could not remain The King if I waited for […]